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Unless Noted Everything on our Site is Made in Hawaii

All Clothing Made in Honolulu, Hawaii

A large collection of Exceptional Quality Shirts, Blouses, Dresses and Kids Clothes. All of our Made in HI Collection items are 100% Cotton or Rayon with genuine coconut buttons. Best of all shipping is usually 4-10 days for everything (limited to US). Shipping is now available to Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, in addition to the United States.

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Rayon clothing from our Made in Hawaii Collection is Amazing. They are so comfortable and soft they almost feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

Same 100% crisp Cotton but with a more intricate dye application technique.

Made in Hawaii 100% Cotton garments have that nice crisp cottony dress shirt feel.  

Boys Shirts

Girls Dresses

What little girl doesn't look adorable in a dress covered in flowers? Many to choose from and more on the way. Your little Man can now match when you go to the beach or on a cruise together.

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