Seems that we are having issues with people not being able to find sizing information and frankly I really don't know what to do about it.

If you're looking at a product - the size chart is in the Drop Down menu next to the picture if you're on a desktop or below the pic if you're on a mobile device.

"US Sizes (inches) - Please Check"


I just realized how long its been since the last time I've updated our blog here.

Our new Rating feature is doing a great job of collecting reviews. Over 50 so far and counting. The great thing is once you submit your review you get a discount code for your next purchase regardless of what rating you give us. Now that I think about it - if you didn't like your shirt and rate us, why would you buy another one lol.

Another great feature we've added is the Out of Stock Notification feature to our site. Not as many people use it as we'd like but its there. Those that do use it are the reason why some items come back into stock quicker than others. More sense to pay to have shirts made that we know will sell right away than have ones that may sit and collect dust.

As always, for every single person that has purchased from us...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Why shop with us? I love these shirts. We've stopped selling made in China shirts because in comparison...there is no comparison. I have 8 or 9 shirts and I love to wear them. The cotton shirts have a huge selection and great colors But I don't like to iron.....actually I hate ironing. The rayon shirts are A - Mazing! They're super soft and ultra comfortable. You're supposed to hand wash them but I've found washing them on Delicate and just hang dry them.


Sorry, it has been a while since I've updated my blog section. We've had a few changes. We now have Boys shirts and Girls dresses.

Best of all we've ditched all our overseas drop shipping products. We clearly advertised 2-4 weeks for shipping but kept getting attacked by complaints about where the package was or facebook complaints about it taking too long.

Now we're facing a new battle - People looking for "Made in the USA" but wanting to pay rock bottom made in China prices :( It's a battle

But now when I have something shipped to someone they're not going to have sizing complaints or delivery issues. I'm up to 8 or 9 shirts from our Made in Hawaii collection in my personal collection and I'm in love!


Added some more great Hawaiian shirts today; all to our Made in Hawaii Collection. There is about 10 new rayon shirts up on the site today. Why rayon? I'm in love with rayon, its a very comfortable softer feel than cotton. Even though its still a natural fabric its different from the standard 100% cotton. It's like buying an already "broken" in shirt.


We are experiencing some growing pains. Multiple automated fulfilled orders were completed without system changing the Ship To address. Issue and corrective measures have not been fully explained (trusted on our end) so for now on we will be manually fulfilling orders.

Our issues with this external system is causing us to start to phase out our merchandise from our overseas sources. Instead we will be featuring products from our Hawaii island connects. With the higher quality of products does incur a higher cost...but quicker delivery time from the 2-4 weeks from our overseas suppliers to an avg of 3-10 days from HI to most places within the US.

The great thing about our Hawaii companies are that they are smaller and more available to reach via telephone.

-Still trucking along with the website. I'm sure if I looked at the numbers we're almost at the break even point but not by much.

We do have a new garment maker and they're out of Hawaii so that's a HUGE plus. Very hard to find anyone in the states that wants to sell individual shirts and ship them - "dropship".
    Since starting with Twin Palms out of Honalulu, HI we've added right around 50 new shirts and dresses to our website.

The problem now will be getting people to understand the difference between a $20 Hawaiian shirt and a $50 Hawaiian shirt. There are some very nice non domestic shirts on our site but its also easy to compare a $20 polyester shirt to a $50 100% rayon or cotton shirt made in the US.

On a completely separate note: Shipping from overseas (non-US); even though on the items that take 2-4 weeks to receive, not all people are seeing the shipping details on the Product Pages. Not sure what to do about that. Readers: You find that info readily enough when looking at an item?

-What started out as an attempt to create another source of money to rejuvenate my other business is taking on a life of its own. I started an online store for my dog boarding/daycare business www.thedogbedandbreakfast.com but the products were less than exciting. There is only so many LED collars you can sell.

So that's when I decided to try selling something I loved to wear but hated shopping for....HAWAIIAN SHIRTS! And so it began...